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(1) Who are we? Plus useful links.

(2) Varley Productivity Chart comparing John Varley's fiction output over the years.

(3) The Phantom Diagram. A drawing illustrating the interconnectedness of John Varley's Eight Worlds stories. For an explanation of this diagram see the Eight Worlds Essay under the Reviews and Articles link on the left navigation bar.

(4) Varley Vote. New web-poll section. Offer your opinion about John Varley's work. Rember to vote early, and often.

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What's new?

10/18/11 Removed three dead links

[05/25/11] New link to "A Short Flying Through Gaea."

[11/17/10] Reinstated the link to GAEA THE MAD TITAN.

[12/11/08] Poll novel titles corrected. Bibliography updated to include ROLLING THUNDER.

[09/30/08] Links updated. Two had gone dead (Gaea the Mad Titan and XeroMag).

In the words of our founder, "Its a good thing Varley doesn't write more or I would be tempted not to read anything else." So we have John Varley to thank for causing us to seek more great science fiction to fill out our reading schedule.

Be sure to visit John Varley's author site at for official information and many great Varley-Yarns .


Other useful John Varley links:

(1) ISFDB has an extensive John Varley bibliography.

(2) Fantastic Fiction has a Varley Bibliograpgy.

(3) The Templeton Gate has a bio on Varley.

(4) The Music of John Philip Sousa. Varley used many Sousa titles in Wizard.

(5) Infinite Matrix has Varley's story "A Twistmas Carol."

(6) ArtCyclopedia features another famous John Varley; the English landscape painter.

(7) Locus the Science Fiction Magazine has a Varley interview in their October 2004 issue.

(8) Gaea the Mad Titan has 3D Rendered views of Gaea that will help you visualize the wheel. Also featured are Freff drawings.

(9) jptetu has created a nice 3D called "A Short Overview of Titan." ""

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The Phantom Diagram (Eight Worlds Connection) 10/19/2004 See THE EIGHT WORLDS ESSAY






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